xAPI Fall Cohort Review featuring Host Kristen Hayden Safdie and Panel

Jan 12, 202059 minutes

In this episode, Kristen Hayden Safdie interviews participants from the 2019 Fall xAPI Cohort. This series of interviews is a great way to learn more about the Cohort sponsored by Torrance Learning.

The eight guests that appeared and their projects are:

  • Team Alexa, featuring Bryan Wanzer and Izzy Laura, discussed using xAPI to track learners that were functioning as customer service representatives, and an Alexa device was functioning as a customer calling in.

  • Next up was a fascinating project with Joanne Rosequist, who was using xAPI to track early childhood education.

  • Then Stephen McBroom took his turn and described his project using xAPI to track interactivity in a training video.

  • Then Jonathan Rock was invited in to talk about his project using xAPI to track gameplay in Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Then we had Eric Schneider, who is using xAPI with Unity 3d, a cross-platform game engine.

  • Then Kristen talked with Judy Katz. They were both on a team that used a technology called Pebble.

  • And finally, the last guest was Brian Floyd who had a great project using xAPI that tracked new product training built in Captivate.

You can sign up for the next xAPI Cohort here: https://xapicohort.github.io/

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