Community Discussion - TLDCast and IDEAL 2022 Call

Community Discussion - TLDCast and IDEAL 2022 Call

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So are you interested in helping us build out some of our weekly and upcoming events? Take a listen to this episode and learn more about how you can be a part of The Training, Learning, and Development Community's upcoming programming. I'm doing a little bit of catching up in this one, and quite frankly, with how rapid this community is growing, I'm looking for some help in building more content, more relationships, more opportunities for professional development, and generally a community you can come to for practical advice on how to keep getting better at what you do.

So check out this episode if you're at all interested in getting a bit more active in TLDC. And reach out if you'd like to chat and discuss more.

Also, don't forget, Friday October 7th is our Graphic Design for Instructional Design featuring six fantastic speakers: Nick Floro, Kayleen Holt, Bela Gaytan, Kevin Thorn, Rick Jacobs, and Joseph Suarez. All excellents speakers with some wonderful things to share about graphic design and L&D. Find more info at


Luis Malbas

Luis Malbas

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