Working and Learning Out Loud with Joseph Suarez

Working and Learning Out Loud with Joseph Suarez

Learn the Why and How L&D Expert, Joseph Suarez, is Working Out Loud

Show notes

In this episode, we talked with Joseph Suarez about Working Out Loud. It's a concept you may already be familiar with; and if you're not familiar with it, Founder, John Stepper says "Working Out Loud is a way to build relationships that can help you in some way, like achieving a goal or exploring a new topic or skill. Instead of networking to get something, you invest in relationships by making contributions over time, including your work and experiences that you make visible."

And here's something interesting about this episode: it's the first time I connected some of the core principles of TLDC to Working Out Loud. The Training, Learning, and Development Community is about exploring and sharing your journey in L&D, and our regular broadcasts and Slack conversations on serve as a testament to that. Essentially, our Community is in many ways, working out loud.

Keep that in mind and give this episode a listen. And if you are at all interested in participating in an episode of TLDCast to "work out loud", email me at

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