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Cara North’s Learning Technologies TLDCast: Melissa Milloway on Adobe XD

Apr 17, 201957 minutes

The Best Tool Missing From Your Toolbox

Is Adobe XD in your toolbox? If not, why not? Some say it’s everyone’s favorite tool they don’t know about. So we were extremely excited to have Melissa Milloway on Cara North’s Learning Technologies TLDCast to let us know why she loves Adobe XD.

In 2014, a small team from Adobe Creative Cloud began developing a software tool to create prototypes and user experiences. Less than a year later, that team successfully convinced Adobe to invest in their tool, later named Adobe XD CC.

XD is now a rich platform for mobile, desktop, and device design. It’s part of Adobe Creative Cloud, but is available for free. With XD, product designers can build rich user experiences and interactive prototypes.

In this TLDCast, Melissa showcases both the prototyping and design capabilities of Adobe XD. She demos a variety of features within an actual design environment she’s building —- for her wedding.

There were excellent questions from host Cara North, as well as a very active TLDCast chat audience. See the chat highlights below.

Are you going to add Adobe XD to your toolbox? The price is right (it’s free) and from what we see in this TLDCast, it might be your favorite tool you don’t know about!

Learn more in our blog post here: https://tldc.us/2019/04/19/cara-norths-learning-technologies-tldcast-melissa-milloway-on-adobe-xd/

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