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Productivity Playlist - Kristen Hayden Safdie on Sleep Schedules, Bullet Journals, Setting Timers, and More

Jan 5, 202034 minutes

This TLDC Productivity Playlist episode took place on Thursday, January 2nd, 2020.

This discussion featured Kristen Hayden Safdie who discusses some of her more recent productivity tips and hacks from 2019, which she is carrying into 2020.

Kristen discusses these productivity tips in this episode:

Realistic sleep schedules

  • Most important thing is to get rest - but find what is natural for your schedule and your body

Journal using the bullet journal format (book recommendation below)

  • Integrating personal and professional lists

Running timer

  • Harvest

Book recommendations

Additional recommendation

Productivity Software

  • Notion.so (affiliate link - this offers us some usage credit)

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A Multi-department customer service training challenge

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