Project Kickoff Tips and Tricks with Nick Floro

Feb 2, 202051 minutes

In this Productivity Playlist episode, our guest is Nick Floro, President of Sealworks Interactive.

Nick is well-known for sharing fantastic app and software tips, and I'm delighted we were able to get him in for this episode.

His discussion was focused around new project productivity tips and hacks, and he shared the entire suite of tools he and his team uses whenever they start a new client project. You'll find specific tool recommendations in this episode, and even folder and file directory structure suggestions, which coming from a 30 year veteran in this space, is absolutely gold.

You're not going to want to miss his shared dropbox sheet that displays the outline of his talk. The link to the sheet is in the description.

He also took a photograph of his six monitor array workstation. Mind blowing stuff.

You can find all of the resources Nick mentioned here in his shared Google Sheet:

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