Guest Jonathan Halls Talks Story and Instructional Interpretation

Aug 27, 201765 minutes

The Man Who Wrote the Book on eLearning Rapid Media

Being a Mad Scientist in Learning and Development with Joshua Lund

Aug 27, 201759 minutes

Instructional Design and Music: Can they coexist?

Member Challenge - The Big LMS

Aug 27, 201761 minutes

On Deploying an LMS to 1000+ franchisors and thousands of employees

Andrew Hughes from Designing Digitally Talks Shop and Conference Materials

Aug 27, 201757 minutes

Professor Hughes on VR, Making Training Exciting, and Handouts

Joey Fameli of

Aug 20, 201757 minutes

Premiere Video Producer Joey Fameli talks about his adventures

The Evolution of VILT with Mel Chambers

Aug 20, 201759 minutes

Meet Mel Chambers, long time VILT veteran instructional Designer

Angela Wong and Scott Cooper from The Bay Area Learning Design & Technology Group

Aug 20, 201756 minutes

Angela Wong & Scott Cooper talk their upcoming Learning Hackathon

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