Jeroen Breman Talks Trades and Tech

Nov 6, 201761 minutes

The British Are Coming! And TLDChat Loves It!

Oct 30, 201762 minutes

A Welcome Change: Jo Cook, Marco Faccini, and Bethany Taylor

Kim Lindsey on Aggregation and Curation

Oct 30, 201760 minutes

Our first Grammy Award winning guest!

Anna Rose Leach: A Newbie's Perspective

Oct 30, 201760 minutes

Connecting the Community

The Power of People and Relationships – Special Guest Tricia Ransom

Oct 24, 201757 minutes

Meet one of L&D's most vibrant personalities

The Home Depot is Getting It Right with Brandon Carson

Oct 24, 201764 minutes

Learning the L&D Complexities of a huge retail environment

Special Guests – Bethany Taylor and Kristin Anthony Talk Impostor Phenomenon

Oct 3, 201761 minutes

Are We Getting In The Way of Ourselves?

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