Andrew Hughes and Julie Dietrich of Wyndham Destinations

Andrew Hughes and Julie Dietrich of Wyndham Destinations

A Fun, Engaging, Compliance Training Program

Show notes

This TLDCast episode features Designing Digitally President and CEO, Andrew Hughes, discussing an eLearning Case Study with Julie Dietrich of Wyndham Destinations. They talk about their partnership and how they worked together to create something a little different - a fun, engaging, compliance training program.

Listen to the recording and learn more about:

  • The eLearning course (3 modules, Level 3)
  • The purpose of the training and who it was designed for
  • The previous method of delivery
  • The major drawbacks were with the previous training
  • The goals to accomplish with the new training
  • How often the training is delivered
  • Why eLearning was the right solution for the learning objectives
  • The challenges creating the training
  • Managing translations
  • and more!

You can find a link to the video recording and more here:



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