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Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Potential of eLearning in the Workplace with host Andrew Hughes and guest Alex Salas

Dec 22, 201964 minutes

When we talk eLearning, we are often considering moving beyond PDFs, MS Word, and Powerpoint. But implementing eLearning in your training program isn't just about a shift in tools and platform, it's also about the fundamental question of how you are answering business needs. And just as important, the context within which you are launching your eLearning is a critical component of its success.

So listen in on Andrew Hughes and Alex Salas as they discuss their own "Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Potential of eLearning". This is an excellent episode from two highly experienced instructional designers that have worked on eLearning projects big, small and everywhere in-between.

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Case Study: Designing Digitally Builds Assessment Simulation for Procter and Gamble

Sep 30, 201966 minutes

A Sneak Peek into Simulated Training at P&G

Andrew Hughes and Leslie Lloyd: Bulding a Critical Thinking Course for the FSA

Jul 28, 201945 minutes

"We have a two day instructor led training course we'd like you to convert into a one hour elearning course"

Andrew Hughes and Julie Dietrich of Wyndham Destinations

Jun 29, 201962 minutes

A Fun, Engaging, Compliance Training Program

Andrew Hughes of Designing Digitally

Feb 25, 201958 minutes

Andrew Hughes of Designing Digitally is Back!

Oct 21, 201828 minutes

Andrew Hughes from Designing Digitally Talks Shop and Conference Materials

Aug 27, 201757 minutes

Professor Hughes on VR, Making Training Exciting, and Handouts

Cara North and Guests: The Role of Higher Education in L&D

Jul 14, 201771 minutes

Cara North, Dawn Snyder, Sean Hickey, and Andrew Hughes discuss

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