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Todd Brown Talks GTD, Decision Making, and Confidence

Apr 8, 201866 minutes

Today we have a special guest Todd Brown, the co-founder of Next Action Associates. He talks with Brent in the window about the GTD attitude and how to apply that to training and coaching in the industry. It was a great conversation on how to streamline your process and set up your time to get the most from your day.

  • Todd’s history
  • Dealing with the inputs
  • Confidence in decisions
  • Workflow model
  • Tasks
  • Capture – All that is coming in.
  • Clarify – Make sense of things we captured; what is the next step?
  • Organizing – What does it look like for you?
  • Review – What would I look at when?
  • Engaging – How do I chose what to do?
  • Q&A session
  • Software suggestions

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