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Steph Clarke on Transitioning to L&D, Academics, and Learning Habits

May 12, 201858 minutes

Steph is a learning and development professional and pommy (that’s a Brit living in Australia for the uninitiated) based in Melbourne.

After starting life as an accountant she realized she enjoyed developing others more than deciphering technical accounting standards. Cue career pivot and for the last nine years she has worked in learning and development in a large professional services organization.

Steph runs her own business, using her experience in learning, leadership development and executive coaching to develop courses to help businesses develop and professionals become more confident, productive and effective leaders.

She also hosts the ‘Future Leaders Collective’; a meetup in Melbourne for emerging leaders across industries to come together and learn, collaborate and hear from other successful Professionals.

When she’s not creating and curating killer content, you’ll find her in the pilates studio, in the kitchen, on a plane or hiding somewhere with a podcast, book or a great Spotify playlist.

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