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Reflecting on 2019: A Collective “Best Of”

Dec 15, 201960 minutes

Today's episode was a Community Discussion, this one an end of year episode, talking about some of our own notable 2019 personal and professional events. Reflection is an integral part of the learning process and the goal of this discussion was to promote a bit of that by asking our live audience a dozen or so questions that might activate reflection.

So do you regularly practice reflecting on what you're learning? One of our live show participants mentioned that she does this weekly, every friday afternoon. Take a listen to this episode and you can hear more from myself and Virtual Learning Collaborative Owner Sonia Furini, as well as the other Community participants that attended this episode live. And for all of our other episodes, go to tldc.us.

Special Guest Sonia Furini Talking vILT

Nov 18, 201852 minutes

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