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Scott Cooper Talks about Books, Video, and Marketing Crossover

Apr 8, 201856 minutes

Tuesday brings a special guest, Scott Cooper, the VP of Marketing of GO1. He is also one of the Bay Area Learning Design and Technology Meetup and runs a weekly newsletter at OnlineLearningWeekly.com. He brings a wealth of practical knowledge and real world application to the chat today.

  • Scott’s book review
  • Coursework review/awards
  • Adding audio/video to courses
  • Is it elearning? Is it video?
  • Story telling
  • Content sharing platforms
  • Marketing crossover

Angela Wong and Scott Cooper from The Bay Area Learning Design & Technology Group

Aug 20, 201756 minutes

Angela Wong & Scott Cooper talk their upcoming Learning Hackathon

Scott Cooper: Why Basic Marketing Skills are Essential for Trainers

May 30, 201755 minutes

Meet Scott Cooper of GO1.com and the Online Learning Weekly newsletter

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