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Comedy Writing Tips for Learning Design with Sarah Ann Houghton

Mar 22, 202055 minutes

In this Storytelling Playlist episode, our guest is Sarah Ann Houghton - a comedian, actress, and instructional designer based out of New York City.

This is a really interesting episode in that Sarah presents the topic, comedy, just the way an instructional designer would, which is not a typical way of looking at comedy, but oh so familiar and well thought out. The title of the presentation is Comedy Writing Tips for Learning Design and you're going to get some great ideas on how to connect with your audience using humor, making your training more engaging and memorable, and thankfully, a much needed change of pace from what's been typical lately.

You can find Sarah Ann Houghton at www.sarahannhoughton.com and on twitter on her comedy profile: https://twitter.com/sarahannho1 and her learning designer profile: https://twitter.com/sa_houghton

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