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Case Study: Building an eLearning Program From Scratch

Feb 7, 202059 minutes

In this episode moderated by host Cara North, Rubina Halwani discusses her recent experience building an eLearning Program from Scratch. Rubina shares what is basically a case study on launching an entirely new eLearning project at a job she was just hired for a few months ago.

I'm sure many of you listeners will hear some familiar experiences in this episode, and I'm sure you'll learn a few new things too. Enjoy.

From Biblical Studies to Instructional Design: Dr Robin Sargent

Aug 5, 201953 minutes

You wouldn’t call Dr Robin Sargent one of the most traditional Instructional Designers out there - her journey to ID certainly is not!

Community Discussion: How to Find Jobs in Instructional Design featuring Rubina Halwani

May 27, 201957 minutes

Overcome your barriers to employment

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