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The Competency Models Playlist with Rachel Weiss, Erin Melvin, and Toddi Norum Part 2

Apr 26, 201951 minutes

Our Competency Models Playlist featured three guests: Rachel Weiss from Oscar Health Insurance, Erin Melvin from Lambda Solutions, and Host Toddi Norum.

Rachel's background helped answer a few questions. Her primary function with Competency Model frameworks, is to interpret and build around the L&D function. Rachel speaks to understanding the model architecture and why it's important to the business. Then with her background as an L&D professional, measure competency and react to the results, in turn furthering business goals.

Our second speaker, Erin Melvin, speaks to moving the model into the LMS. She discusses advantages of translating the competency models to the portals (LMS, HRIS) used by the business. And also discusses some best practices and potential gotchas.

Host Toddi Norum has recently been experiencing the implementation of Competency Models in her workplace, so this discussion is timely and an excellent primer for some current challenges she's had.

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