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Special Guest Mike Simmons

Nov 25, 201858 minutes

Today’s guest was Mike Simmons from CatalystSale.com. He’s been helping people improve their business outcomes for years and shares his tips on the importance of reflection and goal setting. It’s that perfect time of year to have these conversations. Even if you’re a one person training team or a solo-preneur you need to take time to reflect, gather data, and plan for the coming year. You can reach out to Mike, or anyone in the TLDCommunity if you have questions or need help moving your career in the right, or better, direction.

  • Who is Mike Simmons?
  • Reflecting on Your Year – Why it’s important
  • Gathering Data to Make Decisions
  • IoT and Wearables for tracking data
  • Goal Setting, Planning, Time Management, Eisenhower Box

Special Guest Mike Simmons

Sep 14, 201857 minutes

Special Guest Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale

Aug 25, 201862 minutes

Be The Catalyst with Mike Simmons

Feb 22, 201860 minutes

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