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Special Guest Mike Conner on Sales and Business

Sep 9, 201834 minutes

Wednesday brings a special guest, Mike Conner, coFounder of Catalyst Sale.

Mike’s been passionate about organizational behavior, employee development, and creating learning organizations for the past 20 years. As a cofounder at Catalyst Sale, he works with technology companies focused on building scalable sales organizations. His professional services include startup advisory, organizational design, sales training, employee recruitment and technology implementations. He can quickly assess business pain points and opportunities and build sales cultures that scale.

He’s with us on TLDCast because also experience building sales programs as part of his consulting experience delivering professional services. We talk a lot about the connections between sales processes and instructional design processes as well as influencing leadership on the projects we want to implement in L&D.

  • How Catalyst Sale got started
  • Mike’s Experience as a training consultant
  • What Sales training looked like “back in the day”
  • Importance of Selling Up – Influencing Leadership/stakeholders
  • Technical difficulties – skip to 37mins for clear audio
  • Technologies that help integrate training into the workflow
  • How does understanding the sales process help training professionals
  • Discovery in sales related to Analysis in ADDIE

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