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Peace, Love & Data Interoperability: Using xAPI to Drive Analytics

Oct 20, 201953 minutes

What is xAPI? How do you send data? What data do you send? And where do you send it? How do you keep it all organized?

As we move further toward a "data-centric" world, collecting, analyzing, and managing data has become a top priority among successful organizations. And in L&D, xAPI has risen to forefront of the tools for processing data.

Megan Torrance is one of Learning & Development's premier experts on xAPI. And in this Data, Measurement, and Analytics Playlist episode, she offers an informative overview of what xAPI is, how you use it, why it's important, and guidance on how to get started.

You can learn more about the Data, Measurement, and Analytics Playlist here: https://tldc.us/dma-playlist/.

Megan Torrance of TorranceLearning

Jun 19, 201858 minutes

Megan Torrance Talks xAPI, Gnomes, and LLAMAs

Apr 14, 201861 minutes

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