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Special Guest Margie Meacham Talking About the Brain

Dec 10, 201858 minutes

Today we are joined by Margie Meacham who is an author and learning consultant and an expert in applying the latest discoveries from the converging fields of learning science and artificial intelligence to enhance learning and performance. Margie is the Chief Freedom Officer of Learningtogo and hosts a Top Ten podcast on the science of learning. The author of “Brain Matters: How to help anyone learn anything using neuroscience” believes that if you understand how the brain works you will become a better teacher, trainer, leader, spouse or parent and have more fun doing it. Today Margie and Brent talk about how the brain is affected by outside sources.

  • Margie’s History
  • Study of the brain
  • Survival by the brain
  • Strong bonds in the brain
  • Adaptation to the world
  • Fun?
  • Short term vs long term memories
  • Multi-tasking
  • Training and the brain

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Margie Meacham Talks Neuroscience, The Brain and the Body, and Spaced Learning

Jul 30, 201757 minutes

Join us for a deep dive on what neuroscience can tell us about L&D

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