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Special Guest Marco Faccini on VR, AR, and Instruction Experience Designers

Jul 29, 201859 minutes

Special guest Marco Faccini drops in with his expertise in the VR field. He is the CEO of PeVRformance Group and a partner in AquinasVR and brings a great history of speaking and influence in the field of L&D.

  • Marco’s history
  • Define VR
  • Instruction Experience Designers
  • Duplicating the real world
  • Emotional link in VR
  • Data from VR
  • Ask a Question

Rings of Focus: Teams with Marco Faccini

Feb 19, 201865 minutes

Jo Cook Reviews Learning Technologies UK 2018

Feb 12, 201863 minutes

The British Are Coming! And TLDChat Loves It!

Oct 30, 201762 minutes

A Welcome Change: Jo Cook, Marco Faccini, and Bethany Taylor

Marco Faccini on the state of Mixed Realities in L&D

Jul 30, 201754 minutes

Live from the 360 Realities Conference

The L&D Reality of Mixed Realities: Special Guest Marco Faccini with Host Luis Malbas

Jul 15, 201775 minutes

Is L&D Ready for Mixed Realities?

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