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The Power of Reflection and Planning with Jo Cook of Lightbulb Moment

Jan 25, 202035 minutes

When you consider productivity, "reflection" isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe it's because we don't value reflection as something that's a part of our workday; it's more of a new age-y concept, like mindfulness and meditation.

Well like mindfulness and meditation, reflection definitely has its place in increasing personal productivity. And in this episode, Jo Cook of Lightbulb Moment explains why.

Setting goals, leveraging accountability, and doing check-ins are all elements of productivity and Jo offers some real-life examples of how she stays productive using reflection.

Niels Floor: Learning Experience Design Pioneer

Nov 3, 201949 minutes

Meet the Founder of Learning Experience Design

Alan Natachu's Misadventures in VR: The Reailty of Virtual Reality for Learning

Oct 21, 201945 minutes

Adding Virtual Reality to your training curriculum is not as easy as you think

Peace, Love & Data Interoperability: Using xAPI to Drive Analytics

Oct 20, 201953 minutes

Sharing the same language to analyze data

Learning You Can Count On with Sam Rogers

Oct 11, 201961 minutes

Community Discussion: A Day in the Life

Oct 7, 201939 minutes

Community Discussion: Share Your Timesavers, Shortcuts, and Productivity Tips

Sep 2, 201959 minutes

featuring Jonathan Rock, Quetzal Cortes, Alan Natachu with Host Luis Malbas

Community Discussion: How to Find Jobs in Instructional Design featuring Rubina Halwani

May 27, 201957 minutes

Overcome your barriers to employment

The Top 10 TLDCasts of 2018

Mar 30, 201932 minutes

The L&D Reality of Mixed Realities: Special Guest Marco Faccini with Host Luis Malbas

Jul 15, 201775 minutes

Is L&D Ready for Mixed Realities?

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