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Meet Step Away: A Learning Event Where Creativity, Play, and Game Design Converge

Mar 30, 202067 minutes

Last year, a new conference was introduced to L&D, and it was nothing like any other industry event. It's called Step Away, a learning experience focused on creativity, play, and game design.

And in this episode, we had the creators of the event, Kevin Thorn, Karl Kapp, and Deborah Thomas, join us to talk about Step Away, why they built it, what it's about, and the plans for this year.

To me, it sounds fascinating. A learning event that focuses on creativity, play, and game design - AND business solutions. They're going virtual this year and given the expertise of the hosts, this may be a "game changing" event.

Check them out at www.stepaway.design and give this episode a listen. This may be the perfect learning event for you.

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