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A Conversation with Katie Stroud and guest host Toddi Norum

Dec 30, 201856 minutes

Guest host Toddi Norum steps in for Brent and talks storytelling with Katie Stroud live from her RV! Katie the founder of Incremental Success Inc. She offers strategies for organizational success using a process that follows the life of a story. She also has an upcoming book: Instructional Story Design: The Story Approach to Designing Effective Training Programs.

• Introduction & Announcements • Talking about Maker spaces • Maker's Hunt - a framework for a training and collaboration platform • How storytelling creates emotion and engagement • What makes storytelling so relevant in learning? • “The Hunting of the Snark” – Maker space training • The framework of a story • Using characters in the Maker Space • Storytelling in Training - 1st rule: Don’t tell the story, be subtle • Creating and distributing an engaging story in training with what you have • Dealing with stakeholders who complain about time creating a story in training • Tools used to create characters

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