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Guest Jonathan Halls Talks Story and Instructional Interpretation

Aug 27, 201765 minutes

Matt Pierce joined the video boxes to talk with Sam Rogers, guest host, and special guest Jonathan Halls on Video Friday. It was a flurry of conversation topics that ranged from scripting and story writing, relating course creation to music, and 360 video with AR/VR. We even had a member of chat, Greg Nagy, brought into the screen to share some insight on 360 and Unity. Be sure to scroll up through the chat to follow along with the video.

  1. Importance of Scripting in Learning Creation
  2. Instructional Interpretation
  3. Story Driving Training
  4. 360 Degree Cameras/VR/AR
  5. Authenticity and the Fad Factor

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The L&D Reality of Mixed Realities: Special Guest Marco Faccini with Host Luis Malbas

Jul 15, 201775 minutes

Is L&D Ready for Mixed Realities?

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