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TLDC18 Multi-Day Workshop: Creating A Culture of Learning with Cheryl Johnson

Dec 4, 201719 minutes

The Creating a Culture of Learning program is designed to help you lay the foundation for building meaningful learning. To learn more, click here: http://tldc18.com/creating-a-culture-of-learning/

We teach you how to create learning programs that INSPIRE and ENGAGE.

Maximize your experience at The Training, Learning, and Development Conference 2018. Join our six-week course online, then meet us in Phoenix January 28, 29 & 30!

It’s well worth the effort to transition from an organization that simply delivers learning, to one that provides a “Learning Culture”. We will teach you how to establish a successful learning culture by simultaneously providing support for both Structured and Informal Learning.

Our Creating A Culture of Learning Workshop will teach you:

  • How and why Structured Learning provides an avenue to introduce new concepts.
  • How Informal Learning provides immediate support for learners throughout your organization.
  • Ways Informal Learning provides a means for capturing, retaining, and transferring expert knowledge as turnover and retirement occur.

REGISTER NOW: http://tldc18.com/register/

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Cheryl Johnson and The Importance of Creating A Culture of Learning

Aug 5, 201760 minutes

Why Every Organization Needs A Culture of Learning

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