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Video Friday – Special Guest Amanda Kaufmann of Thrasher Editorial

Mar 10, 201959 minutes

Video Friday brings Sam Roger and Brent Schlenker co-hosting and talking with guest, Amanda JS Kaufmann. She is a producer and an authoring specialist with comprehensive publishing and production experience in academics, technology, and healthcare. With her network of A/V professionals, Kaufmann has directed and produced video projects across the country and is expanding her reach with independent film projects. They discuss techniques in front of and behind the camera and video in general.

  • Amanda’s history
  • Pre production
  • Knowing your audience
  • Working with teams
  • Budgets
  • Taking on jobs
  • Shipping equipment
  • Shoot setup
  • Links in the chat:



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Special Guest Daan Assen of SwipeGuide

Mar 3, 201954 minutes

Andrew Hughes of Designing Digitally

Feb 25, 201958 minutes

Special Guest Kim Edwards of Getty Images

Feb 10, 201957 minutes

Special Guest Christopher Lind

Feb 3, 201954 minutes

Seeds of Insight with Guest Carla Balen

Feb 3, 201950 minutes

Special Guest Quetzalcoatl Cortes

Feb 3, 201950 minutes

Special Guest Danny Stefanic

Jan 21, 201957 minutes

Special Guest Cara North on Engagement

Dec 16, 201855 minutes

Special Guest Zsolt Olah Talks Gamification

Dec 16, 201857 minutes

Special Guest Kassy LaBorie Talks VILT

Dec 10, 201855 minutes

Special Guest Mike Simmons

Nov 25, 201858 minutes

Special Guest Sonia Furini Talking vILT

Nov 18, 201852 minutes

Special Guest Jayne Davids

Nov 12, 201860 minutes

Special Guest Harrison Withers

Nov 12, 201858 minutes

Special Guest Darryn Van Den Berg

Oct 25, 201852 minutes

Andrew Hughes of Designing Digitally is Back!

Oct 21, 201828 minutes

Special Guest Topher Olsen on VideoFriday

Oct 13, 201858 minutes

Special Guest Jeff Batt

Sep 30, 201855 minutes

Special Guest Dan Schawbel

Sep 30, 201854 minutes

Digital Learning Designer, Niki Hobson

Sep 23, 201857 minutes

Jack Pierce of The myRhythm Group

Sep 23, 201858 minutes

Manage Copyright President, Barbara Ingrassia

Sep 14, 201861 minutes

Julian Stodd of Sea Salt Learning

Sep 14, 201860 minutes

Special Guest Mike Simmons

Sep 14, 201857 minutes

Special Guest Bob Mosher of Apply Synergies

Aug 30, 201858 minutes

Special Guest Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale

Aug 25, 201862 minutes

Video Friday Special Guest Michael Kinney

Aug 11, 201862 minutes

Special Guest Owen Ferguson of GoodPractice

Aug 5, 201854 minutes

Special Guest Ann Rollins of GP Strategies

Jul 29, 201853 minutes

Video Friday Special Guest Anthony Williams

Jul 14, 201860 minutes

Peter Casebow of GoodPractice

Jul 1, 201855 minutes

SmartMouth Media's John Kissinger

Jul 1, 201858 minutes

Danielle Wallace of Beyond the Sky

Jun 23, 201858 minutes

Special Guest Jennifer Yaros on Creativity

Jun 19, 201848 minutes

Megan Torrance of TorranceLearning

Jun 19, 201858 minutes

Wes Atkinson of Appitierre

Jun 10, 201858 minutes

Con Sotidis from Kineo

Jun 4, 201853 minutes

Special Guest Helen Blunden Talks SnapChat

May 28, 201853 minutes

mLearning Expert Sarah Mercier

May 12, 201862 minutes

300th Episode - Myra Roldan Talks Alexa

May 6, 201861 minutes

Gabrielle Bayme: From Theater to L&D

Apr 28, 201860 minutes

Megan Torrance Talks xAPI, Gnomes, and LLAMAs

Apr 14, 201861 minutes

Bucky Dodd Talks Empathy, LEM, and Balance

Apr 8, 201863 minutes

Cindy Huggett on Virtual/Online Training

Mar 17, 201858 minutes

Learning Rebel Shannon Tipton

Mar 10, 201864 minutes

Cathy Moore - Creator of Action Mapping

Mar 10, 201859 minutes

Patti Bryant Talks Questions and Failures

Mar 10, 201864 minutes

Kate Graham Talks Mindshift, UGC, and Persona

Mar 10, 201865 minutes

Craig Wiggins on xAPI, IEEE, and SCORM

Feb 25, 201858 minutes

Be The Catalyst with Mike Simmons

Feb 22, 201860 minutes

Rings of Focus: Teams with Marco Faccini

Feb 19, 201865 minutes

Rings of Focus: Projects with An Coppens

Feb 19, 201863 minutes

Jo Cook Reviews Learning Technologies UK 2018

Feb 12, 201863 minutes

Kevin M. Yates Talks Analytics

Feb 12, 201862 minutes

Bryan Jones Talks Trends in the L&D Industry

Feb 12, 201861 minutes

Kassy LaBorie on Virtual Classrooms

Feb 5, 201861 minutes

A Book Review with Kristen Hayden Safdie

Jan 22, 201862 minutes

Special Guest Clint Clarkson of Xpan Interactive

Jan 16, 201860 minutes

Learning Leader and L&D Comic Writer

Special Guest Randy Emelo Talks Mentoring

Dec 18, 201765 minutes

Allison Wagda of Versal on Collaboration

Dec 11, 201764 minutes

TLDC18 Multi-Day Workshop: Creating A Culture of Learning with Cheryl Johnson

Dec 4, 201719 minutes

A Pre-Conference Virtual and Live Event at TLDC18

Troy Nguyen on the Noble-Self

Nov 13, 201765 minutes

Connie Malamed: The eLearning Coach

Nov 13, 201759 minutes

Candice Kramer Talks Consulting and Books

Nov 13, 201761 minutes

Jeff Long Talks Video on Video Friday

Nov 6, 201763 minutes

Ajay Pangarkar Merges Business and Training

Nov 6, 201764 minutes

Jeroen Breman Talks Trades and Tech

Nov 6, 201761 minutes

Kim Lindsey on Aggregation and Curation

Oct 30, 201760 minutes

Our first Grammy Award winning guest!

Anna Rose Leach: A Newbie's Perspective

Oct 30, 201760 minutes

Connecting the Community

The Power of People and Relationships – Special Guest Tricia Ransom

Oct 24, 201757 minutes

Meet one of L&D's most vibrant personalities

The Home Depot is Getting It Right with Brandon Carson

Oct 24, 201764 minutes

Learning the L&D Complexities of a huge retail environment

Special Guests – Bethany Taylor and Kristin Anthony Talk Impostor Phenomenon

Oct 3, 201761 minutes

Are We Getting In The Way of Ourselves?

Steve Haskin on Production Toys, 360 Video, and Microvideo

Oct 2, 201761 minutes

Veteran eLearning Video Professional Steve Haskin

David Charney and Nejc Zorga Dulmin – Podcasting, Storyline, and Scope Creep

Oct 2, 201762 minutes

The Hosts of The eLearning Guys Podcast Talks with TLDChat

Matt Meuleners Talks Mentors

Oct 2, 201761 minutes

FOCUS Training Partner talks the importance of Mentorship

Rob Rogers on Train the Trainer, Social Media, and Ikigai

Sep 19, 201716 minutes

Meet Rob Rogers of Medutopia

Embracing the title of an Instructional Design Newbie with Special Guest Kristin Anthony

Sep 10, 201757 minutes

Producer of the excellent Dear Instructional Designer Podcast

Special Guest Zsolt Olah on Game Thinking

Sep 10, 201755 minutes

Gamification in Your Learning

Guest Diane Senffner talks Video, Audio, and Scripts

Sep 3, 201763 minutes

Meet Award Winning CEO Diane Senffner

Special Guest Patti Shank – Skillsets, Client Relationships, and Clever Cats

Sep 3, 201762 minutes

Learning Leader Patti Shank

When is Work Meaningful & Thinking About Sharepoint as a LMS

Sep 3, 201738 minutes

Shareknowledge, the first LMS built for Sharepoint

Member Challenge - The Big LMS

Aug 27, 201761 minutes

On Deploying an LMS to 1000+ franchisors and thousands of employees

Andrew Hughes from Designing Digitally Talks Shop and Conference Materials

Aug 27, 201757 minutes

Professor Hughes on VR, Making Training Exciting, and Handouts

Joey Fameli of Tested.com

Aug 20, 201757 minutes

Premiere Video Producer Joey Fameli talks about his adventures

The Evolution of VILT with Mel Chambers

Aug 20, 201759 minutes

Meet Mel Chambers, long time VILT veteran instructional Designer

Angela Wong and Scott Cooper from The Bay Area Learning Design & Technology Group

Aug 20, 201756 minutes

Angela Wong & Scott Cooper talk their upcoming Learning Hackathon

The Magic of Coding for eLearning with Special Guest Jeff Batt

Aug 20, 201755 minutes

Meet Jeff Batt, Founder and Owner of LearningDojo.net

Video Friday – Josh Cavalier on Neuroscience of Video

Aug 12, 201760 minutes

Great presentations on microvideo and microlearning

Melissa Milloway on Design Ops, xAPI, and A/B Testing

Aug 12, 201761 minutes

Lots of great tool tips and inspiration from Melissa!

Rock n Roll Wednesday with Andrew Scivally of The eLearning Brothers

Aug 12, 201754 minutes

eLearning Templates and More!

Training Confessions from Mike "Tool Man" Taylor

Aug 8, 201757 minutes

Tool Talk, Think Like A Marketer, The Mike Taylor Method

Will Thalheimer on Spaced Learning, Smile Sheets, and Learning Styles

Aug 5, 201754 minutes

Data-informed perspectives from one the best in the industry

Cheryl Johnson and The Importance of Creating A Culture of Learning

Aug 5, 201760 minutes

Why Every Organization Needs A Culture of Learning

Marco Faccini on the state of Mixed Realities in L&D

Jul 30, 201754 minutes

Live from the 360 Realities Conference

Margie Meacham Talks Neuroscience, The Brain and the Body, and Spaced Learning

Jul 30, 201757 minutes

Join us for a deep dive on what neuroscience can tell us about L&D

Team Talk with Special Guest Lisa Goldstein

Jul 30, 201735 minutes

Lisa Goldstein talks Teams, navigating silos, the move from HR to Ops

Stories, Context, and Microactions – Guest: Ray Jimenez

Jul 25, 201765 minutes

Storytelling, Micro-learning, and More from Ray Jimenez

Chris Bond of Bluewater Learning on Transforming the World

Jun 22, 201763 minutes

Bridging the Talent Gap with Special Guest Chris Bond

Scott Cooper: Why Basic Marketing Skills are Essential for Trainers

May 30, 201755 minutes

Meet Scott Cooper of GO1.com and the Online Learning Weekly newsletter

Special Guest Diana Howles of Howles & Associates

Apr 28, 201763 minutes

Diana talks about "designing messaging" for your video projects

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