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Special Guest Bianca Baumann on Marketing Models for ISDs

Sep 9, 201847 minutes

Bianca Baumann is a curious, self-driven and results-focused professional with 10+ years in the Education field. She’s focused on finding solutions that leverage data to make learning stick, personalized and delivered just-in-time; something she likes to call digital education success: a mix of education, digital marketing and customer success. In other words, learning solutions need to be personal, predictive and proactive. She doesn’t believe in the LMS for corporate learning, seat-time or the next button and challenges the status quo, asking the tough questions in order to bring L&D into this century.

In this episode of TLDCast we talked about the many aspects of marketing and how marketing processes should be leveraged in your instructional design.

  • Bianca’s history
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing platforms that can be used in training
  • Spaced Repetition – Content delivered over time
  • Start small with onboarding
  • Engaging with other organizations like IT, Legal, HR, etc

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