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Ajay Pangarkar Merges Business and Training

Nov 6, 201764 minutes

We are back to the Rings of Focus, the projects ring, in particular. We have special guest Ajay Parngarkar to help us get a deep dive into how training fits into the ‘business’ side of a business. He touched on the separation of the two and bringing those two together. He offered some insight and practices and the text chat responded in kind.

How Ajay got here
Where does training fit into the business
Moving from academia to private sector
Integrated learning
The perfect training department
Selling internally created courses to compensate for cost

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Training Is A Push Skill, Learning Is A Pull Skill: Special Guest Ajay Pangarkar with Host Anthony Altieri

Jul 11, 201765 minutes

Ajay Pangarkar on his "Train the Trainer" Lynda.com course

Can L&D Look Like A Business Unit? with Anthony Altieri and Ajay Pangarkar

Jun 21, 201761 minutes

How to Get Business Validity for your training efforts

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