Community Discussion: Must Have ID Skills for 2020 and Beyond

Jan 1, 202053 minutes

This TLDCast was a Community Discussion that took place on Monday, December 30th 2019.

Featured guests for this broadcast included Kristen Hayden Safdie, Toddi Norum, Tameka Harris, and Cara North, and it was hosted by me, Luis Malbas.

The topic was Must Have ID Skills for 2020 and Beyond and the live show was quite busy in chat to go along with the brisk conversation onscreen.

As a result of our discussion, we ended up with ten skills currently important for Instructional Designers to have:

Design Thinking Learning Models Empathy Data Management Learning Technology or eLearning Project Management Researching Willingness to collaborate and work in a team Flexibility, adaptability, versatility Positive attitude (positivity)

Take a listen - some may or may not surprise you!

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