Stories, Context, and Microactions – Guest: Ray Jimenez

Jul 25, 201765 minutes

Storytelling, Micro-learning, and More from Ray Jimenez

The L&D Reality of Mixed Realities: Special Guest Marco Faccini with Host Luis Malbas

Jul 15, 201775 minutes

Is L&D Ready for Mixed Realities?

Cara North and Guests: The Role of Higher Education in L&D

Jul 14, 201771 minutes

Cara North, Dawn Snyder, Sean Hickey, and Andrew Hughes discuss

Training Is A Push Skill, Learning Is A Pull Skill: Special Guest Ajay Pangarkar with Host Anthony Altieri

Jul 11, 201765 minutes

Ajay Pangarkar on his "Train the Trainer" course

Chris Bond of Bluewater Learning on Transforming the World

Jun 22, 201763 minutes

Bridging the Talent Gap with Special Guest Chris Bond

Can L&D Look Like A Business Unit? with Anthony Altieri and Ajay Pangarkar

Jun 21, 201761 minutes

How to Get Business Validity for your training efforts

Special Guest Patti Shank with Host Karen Hyder

Jun 21, 201763 minutes

Patti Shank on her book "Write and Organize for Deeper Learning"

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