Technology Showcase #TLDCast - with Host Alan Natachu and featuring Alyshahn Kara of Goosechase

Technology Showcase #TLDCast - with Host Alan Natachu and featuring Alyshahn Kara of Goosechase

Show notes

Engagement, team building, activity variety —- there are so many things to love about Scavenger Hunts. So how about turning scavenger hunts into an educational opportunity using technology? Heard of Pokemon Go? How about that - but build learning experiences into it?

Then meet Alyshahn Kara of Goosechase in this fantastic TLDCast brought together by Alan Natachu.

Goosechase is inspired by the outrageous. It builds fun and engagement by getting users to move around, interact with strangers, and having a blast.

Alan set up a Goosechase for TLDC that asked for things like:

  • Find a newspaper from another country (750 pts)
  • Take picture of something considered an eLearning Myth (500 pts)
  • What is your L&D Superpower? (750 pts)
  • What has been your favorite TLDCast? (750 pts)

There were three competing teams - East Coast, West Coast, and The World Players. East Coast won with a phenomenal 16650 points, with The World Players in second at 9900 points and the West Coast bringing in last place at 7950 points.

There were some amazing insights during this TLDCast. Uses for workplace onboarding, conferences, and more kept the chat humming. See below for some chat highlights and more!

Such a cool tool! Used it once for an office orientation/onboarding and once for a pure team builder. Probably not making Alyshahn's day since it was free both times, but dang, it was super cool. —- Christopher Yellen

We work mostly remotely and odd hours and it would go well with my onboarding wizard (see it at Learning Dev Camp!) —- Kristen Hayden Safdie

I'm trying to stop from downloading apps but I'll bite on this, downloading now. —- Cara North

I can definitely see this as a great teambuilding event for the workforce —- Eric Brott

Thank you so much Alyshan -- you were extremely open and this was a great demo. —- Kristen Hayden Safdie

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