Success Stories: Teacher to Trainer with Devin Torres

Success Stories: Teacher to Trainer with Devin Torres

Transitioning to Trainer during the pandemic

Show notes

We started a new series this month to go along with our new event, Transitioning to Learning and Development. This series is called Success Stories: Teacher to Trainer. Each of these episodes is like a testimonial. It's an interview with an L&D professional that has made the journey from teacher to trainer. And our first guest is Devin Torres.

Devin has a compelling story. She made the change right when the pandemic began. Devin had a bit of a headstart in her education. She has a Master's in Distance Learning and eLearning, but when she decided to shift, she was working in higher ed.

Devin has some solid advice to offer and her path, though challenging, was straight forward. And she's glad she's made the change. Check it out.



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