Strengthening Your Instructional Design Using Story with Rance Greene

Strengthening Your Instructional Design Using Story with Rance Greene

Show notes

This is the first episode of The Storytelling Playlist, a new series focused on how you can use story and narratives to enhance your instructional design.

Our first guest is Rance Greene from Rance is a Senior Performance Consultant in the healthcare industry, and a current ATD Chapter President in the Dallas area.

Rance has a background in acting, dance, theater, and songwriting - so bringing Story to instructional design was a natural progression and he now has a book coming in April that describes just that.

That book is called Instructional Story Design. We talked to Rance about his book and how he got into storytelling. We also talked specifically about how stories strengthen instructional design, and that included a spontaneous telling of a wonderful narrative you'll hear in this recording, but sidenote: it's better with the illustrations Rance displayed so a YouTube link in the show notes is included below for you to check out.

Give this episode a listen and you'll feel inspired to place more effort into building story into your projects.

Youtube video of Bullet and Story's story:


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