Lynne McNamee: A Marketing Professional's Take on L&D

Lynne McNamee: A Marketing Professional's Take on L&D

Want to Know About Marketing and L&D? Talk to a Marketer!

Show notes

We had a great conversation with special guest Lynne McNamee of Lone Armadillo Marketing agency. With marketing as her background, we started there and then made some stark comparisons to the L&D field, how we treat our end users, and how both of our departments are recognized within an organization. A lot of good questions in the chat as well, so be sure to scroll up through the interactions.

  • Relation of marketing identity crisis to L&D
  • Marketing as an agency compared to in-house
  • Persona in the marketing world
  • Spaced repetition
  • Mobile availability necessity
  • Links Mentioned in this Episode

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Gold Nuggets

“Understanding why/how people do things can/will have a significant impact on learning awareness at the top of the learning engagement funnel.”

“We are all millennials.”

“It doesn’t count if they don’t buy.”

“Some data is better than no date.”

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Lynne McNamee

Lynne McNamee

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