Intersections in Learning with guest Andrea McEneaney

Intersections in Learning with guest Andrea McEneaney

From stand-up comedy to freelance instructional design

Show notes

In our latest Intersections in Learning episode, Monique St. Paul talked with IDLance Co-Founder, Andrea McEneaney about the learning intersections she experiences as an ID, learning technologist, recruiter and community builder. Andrea highlights an important consideration for all freelancers: How can you work independently and have a community to fall back on for support as a sounding board?

Andrea McEneaney, Co-Founder of IDLance, has 10 years of corporate and 11 years of higher ed experience as a recruiter, instructional designer/technologist, educator, writer, and community-builder. She's been in the freelance game for 5 years as an independent learning consultant, writer, social media manager, and webmaster. She has an M.Ed. in Learning & Tech, an MA in Media Studies, and a BA in History, Education, & Dramatic Lit.

Andrea has never found a problem she couldn't solve or a client she couldn't help. She uses her experience and energetic, warm demeanor to help clients feel supported, knowing they will be getting top-notch freelancers, high quality learning products, and an experience they'll always remember fondly (at least that's the goal!).



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