Community Discussion: Open Table Fridays

Community Discussion: Open Table Fridays

A New Idea from TLDC

Show notes

In this episode we had a community discussion where I introduced a new TLDC idea: Open Table Fridays.

Open Table Fridays are going to be a regularly held Friday meeting using a virtual platform, specifically, Airmeet.

So what's gonna happen during Open Table Fridays? Volunteer hosts discussing topics such as mentorship, freelancing, working out loud --- basically anything relevant to L&D professionals.

And what you'll hear in this community discussion recording are some decisions we made about the frequency of these meetings - weekly, when they are going to take place - Fridays, the duration of every meeting - an hour - and more.

So give this episode a listen if you'd like to get caught up on this idea we're formulating and starting in May. Open Table Fridays will be an exciting community endeavor I think anyone involved in TLDC can benefit from.

Here are the slides.


Luis Malbas

Luis Malbas

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